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How to recover flash drive backup from array?


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I went to reboot after downloading 6.5, and then the GUI disappeared and I could not connect.  Connected a monitor and was receiving kernel panic.  Through a search here I did some troubleshooting, including a check to see if the flash drive was ok on windows.  There was a problem with it and it needed to be repaired. I can see the files on windows, and while I am not perfectly familiar with what should be there it does look alright.  Booting with the repaired flash drive has failed, including safe mode.  Through the CA plugin I have a backup of the flash drive on my array.  I removed that disk and have attempted to access it on my PC and can't seem to get windows to recognize it.


Should I be able to access whatever file system it is on windows?  Is there a different way to access the backup?  If I can't access it how should I proceed?  Thank you for your help.

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