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2 NIC's, Best Setup Recommendation (Bond, Bridge, etc...)

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I'm just wondering what the best way would be to utilize my 2nd on-board NIC with UnRAID/Docker/VM's?

Why?  I have a 2nd on-board Intel NIC currently doing nothing, a cable routed to it, and no traffic.


I ask because I do a decent amount of traffic using Emby and network HD Homerun tuners (5 total) and I think at times my single default NIC is becoming saturated or causing small glitches in the stream. 


I currently have 3 NIC's, one is a dedicated IPMI port, and the other two are Intel I210's.  

Motherboard is a SuperMicro X11SSM-F.


I'm guessing bridging with eth0 and eth1 is the most straightforward way to utilize both of them, correct?

In this way both can be used for various traffic for Docker and VM's, right?


Sorry, I've read a bit but it gets confusing and networking is not my favorite topic to geek out about. I have an unmanaged switch, and just looking to have a bit more throughput for my uses. Currently on UnRAID 6.2.

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