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2 TB cloud backup for $50 for life!

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If you want to add a cloud backup component to a few shares on your server (the family photos and truly important stuff), here's a killer deal that makes that an easy process:



expires in 4 days


It is a pretty no-frills backup service, but it does support backing up network drives and external hard drives, and doesn't require them to be connected on any sort of schedule (which is a huge limitation of several other cloud backup services). Also supports end to end encryption. Their backbone is Amazon AWS.


You will need a Windows or MacOS install as an intermediary between Zoolz cloud and your unRAID share. Presumably you could set that up as a VM on your server, but I'm just using a Windows desktop I have running anyway.


A few notes I've found from setting this up myself - the deal includes up to 2 users and 2 computers. While it isn't explicitly stated, it is limited to 1 computer per user. So if you want to backup 2 computers, you just have to create 2 users for yourself (so you'll need a second email address). No big deal, just an annoyance.


Also, I'm not sure if the full 2 TB can be used to backup your server. It is split into 1 TB of cold storage (which does work for network shares) and 1 TB of instant (hot) storage. I think the instant storage is for direct uploads through HTTP, which won't really work for this (well, it would as a one time upload, but it would take forever and be rather annoying). Not 100% sure on this point yet. I'll see what happens once I fill my 1 TB of cold storage.



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