6.4 SSL webgui doesnt work


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Just updated unraid to 6.4 and turned on SSL. It redirects me to https://server.local/Settings/Identification (the unraid machine is called "Server"), but its an error page containing: 


server.local didn’t send any data.



When I try to navigate to http://<localip> I get redirected to the same place


As of right now, I can't access the webgui. The array still seems to be online, and I can manually turn off SSL in the ident.cfg file, which brings everything back


Probably unrelated, but I have a VM set up as an apache proxy for some docker containers. My router forwards all 80 and 443 requests to that VM. Given that, I still expect the unraid gui to work when trying to get there via the local ip (my ultimate goal is to add the unraid gui to my proxy list)

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I tried changing my ports from 80/443 to 8181/4343 and now the webgui works, but the SSL certificate I was issued was invalid (chrome says the site is not secure)


could this be because I was already issued a certificate with the old port numbers? how do I get around this problem?

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