[6.5.0] Temperature alarm does not work for SAS drives that do not support consumer SMART data

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I have several SAS hard drives attached via a backplane that UnRAID is not able to read SMART data from, as they do not have normal SMART data that most SATA hard drives have.

However, UnRAID is able to read "Current drive temperature" and "Drive trip temperature" perfectly fine, and will display these temperatures in the drive list and dashboard.


The bug that I am worried about, however, is that these drives will never trip the drive temperature warning(s).


How to Reproduce:

  1. Have a SAS drive that does not support the full normal consumer SMART data that most SATA hard drives support.  (I suspect all drives not supporting full consumer SMART will be affected)
  2. Set a disk warning threshold:  Settings -> Disk Settings -> Default wwarning disk temperature threshold
  3. Cause a disk to go over the threshold.


Expected Results:

I expect any of my disks (they all display a temperature on the dashboard) that go over the threshold to cause a notification configured in Settings -> Notifications.


Actual Results:

I had set my warning threshold somewhat higher (45 degrees) then received a push notification letting me know a drive was hot. (consumer SATA drive)

I logged into the interface only to be incredibly alarmed that I had 4+ drives over temperature!

After narrowing down possible causes, I realized that all the ones I had not been notified about were SAS drives that do not support the normal consumer-level SMART data.


Other Information:

Most of the affected drives were "IBM-207x" (ST33000650SS 3TB) drives, which are SAS (SPL-3) drives.


Attached is diagnostics.  The FULL output of "smartctl --all /dev/sdk (one of the confirmed affected drives) is:

Vendor:               IBM-207x
Product:              ST33000650SS
Revision:             BC3B
Compliance:           SPC-4
User Capacity:        3,000,592,982,016 bytes [3.00 TB]
Logical block size:   512 bytes
Formatted with type 2 protection
Rotation Rate:        7200 rpm
Form Factor:          3.5 inches
Logical Unit id:      0x5000c50055dab0d7
Serial number:        Z295NMMM0000C3216R9S
Device type:          disk
Transport protocol:   SAS (SPL-3)
Local Time is:        Thu Apr 26 17:34:16 2018 PDT
SMART support is:     Available - device has SMART capability.
SMART support is:     Enabled
Temperature Warning:  Enabled

SMART Health Status: OK

Current Drive Temperature:     45 C
Drive Trip Temperature:        65 C

Elements in grown defect list: 0

Vendor (Seagate) cache information
  Blocks sent to initiator = 0

Vendor (Seagate/Hitachi) factory information
  number of hours powered up = 41555.03
  number of minutes until next internal SMART test = 12

Error counter log:
           Errors Corrected by           Total   Correction     Gigabytes    Total
               ECC          rereads/    errors   algorithm      processed    uncorrected
           fast | delayed   rewrites  corrected  invocations   [10^9 bytes]  errors
read:   1793308961        0         0  1793308961          0     802407.612           0
write:         0        0         0         0          0     137311.920           0
verify: 3224243198        0         0  3224243198          0       8479.183           0

Non-medium error count:       14

SMART Self-test log
Num  Test              Status                 segment  LifeTime  LBA_first_err [SK ASC ASQ]
     Description                              number   (hours)
# 1  Background short  Completed                   -       0                 - [-   -    -]

Long (extended) Self Test duration: 27600 seconds [460.0 minutes]



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