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[6.5.2] Need help with Network Settings


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Hello all. I have a Dell R510 with 4 ports that i'm having some issues understanding the best configuration for.


About 5 months ago I was able to setup a gigabit connection via cards between the R510 and a R610 server. I was using the R510 only for storage.  I have since started playing around with all the features of Unraid and wow, I was missing a lot!


So since I messed around with the network settings I'm getting drops and now the "Docker webui" shortcuts take me to About:Blank.  I am not sure what images you would need, so i'll include a few here.












I dont need a real fancy setup, I would just like to be able to access the "webui" with the shortcut and not have anymore errors if possible. I would also like to utilize the 4 ports on the NIC.  


Question here: Should all 4 ports function at the same time, or are they redundant? 





Thanks in advance!! Loving this product :)



EDIT: I guess a better questions might be is it possible to reset the network settings to default without totally starting over?





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