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Extremely slow file transfers (no cache; no parity)

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I  am a new convert to Unraid based on the (to date successful) thesis that I could virtualize a pair of HTPCs in the same system that also provides back-up storage to my network.


All of the fancy passthrough stuff works... and worked easily once I got up to speed.  My problem is plain old vanilla file transfers.


I have a Supermicro 4u 7046 chasis (dual xeon X5690's) with 14 drives that I would like to run off of my Adaptec Series 8 12G SAS/PCIe 3 (rev 01) in HBA mode.  


However, any HBA to HBA transfers) say from unassigned devices mounted drives) top out at 25mb/s. The drives are all server class 7200rpm and with the same controller under windows can achieve 100-200bm/s.


I switched my array drive to a mobo port and HBA to MOBO SATA transfer is running 150-200MB/s... Help!


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