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Have some questions about unRAID.. GPU passthrough/ssds?


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I just recently purchased a R720 server


x2 E5-2667 

64 GB Ram

Samsung 830 128gb

Samsung 840 250 GB

Sandisk 30gb



I plan to use the server for this

3 VM builds

Windows Server 2016 for Windows AD will be plugged in Nic #1

Windows 10  with Nvidia GPU GT 710 passthrough and onboard USB controller passthrough HDMI/HDMI audio,  keyboard/mouse will be run from the server to the TV in the living room 8 feet

Windows 10  for remote in to do some work will have another Ethernet cable plugged in nic #2 to my switch that will be on a separate Vlan


Reading the guide

Do I need to buy a HDD?

Will my SSD's have trim? 

Any issues with Windows AD managing a couple of computers on the network?


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