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Unable to write mapped drive today


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Morning All,


A little help please.  I access shares on my UnRaid system via a number of mapped drives, my Windows 10 machine is a VM also situated on UnRaid.


Until now everything has been running perfectly, however this morning I get the following message on one of my shares; 'You need permission to perform this action'.  I haven't changed anything on UnRaid and am logged into the server using my normal credentials.  All of the other shares mapped allow full access and do not have a problem, the inaccessible mapped drive has the exact same permissions.


I have tried restarting the server, removing/added the mapped drive, restarting the VM but nothing seems to fix the problem.  Has anybody seen something similar or can me find out the cause as I am now out of ideas.


Running UnRaid 6.5.3.  Thanks, Jon


UPDATE: I can write to folders within the share, but just not at the top level - not sure whether this helps>?

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