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Do I maybe need to upgrade my hardware/build a new machine?


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I've had mild issues with my Ryzen 3 "temporary" hardware (after last motherboard failed) since I built it up. Of course, that was back with the Ryzen issues when it was first released, but since those were sorted, the system itself has been mostly stable, but docker would crash maybe once a day to once a week, completely silently.

Hardware is pretty low-end. 8GB DDR4, Ryzen 3, and the motherboard doesn't even support AMD-V.

I figure I'd need more RAM, and a stronger CPU, but reading the guide, it says "Most users will find it difficult to utilize more than 8GB of RAM on Docker alone"...is that really still the case?

Array info:

5 data drives, plus dual parity, 250GB SSD cache. As you might expect, appdata and configs are kept on the cache and backed up daily.

I run:





Plus a full stack of apps to automate media:





Memory use at idle (fresh boot) with all my apps running sits at ~2GB cached, ~1.66GB used, and ~4GB free. I don't think I've ever seen "free" actually drop to 0, but if my experience with Windows is at all relevant (it probably isn't) things start to drag at about 25% free memory remaining -- the OS starts worrying it'll run out, and pages the crap out of it.

So I guess it comes down to figuring out why the heck docker is crashing on me, but at a glance, does this hardware need upgrading?


EDIT: Alright, so Plex isn't crashing on me anymore after upgrading from 6.5.0 to 6.5.3. Could be much more stable now, we'll have to see... "used" memory never goes above ~2.5GB, and I've learned cached memory isn't actually in use.

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