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(solved) Active Directory join no longer working after updates

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Been running 6.5.3 since it was released and had it integrated with AD DS running on Windows 2012r2 VM just fine until today when I ran some Windows Updates on the Active Directory server.


I deleted the computer entry for unRAID computer from the Computers list in AD because I was having troubles.  I've confirmed the clocks are in sync but something isn't happening to get to the "joined" status in unRAID AD Settings.


Syslog attached, but specifically I am wondering if the SSH daemon getting the kill signal is related and provides a clue for someone to help?

Jul 12 15:02:06 BRTF-ARCHIVE emhttpd: req (11): DOMAIN=media.nc&DOMAIN_SHORT=media&DOMAIN_LOGIN=bgracey&DOMAIN_PASSWD=************&cmdJoinDomain=Join&csrf_token=****************
Jul 12 15:02:20 BRTF-ARCHIVE emhttpd: shcmd (3139): /usr/local/emhttp/webGui/scripts/update_access
Jul 12 15:02:20 BRTF-ARCHIVE sshd[28539]: Received signal 15; terminating.
Jul 12 15:02:21 BRTF-ARCHIVE sshd[13846]: Server listening on port 22.
Jul 12 15:02:21 BRTF-ARCHIVE sshd[13846]: Server listening on :: port 22.


Thanks for any thoughts on this.



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Not really solved as in I found the problem, just that it started working today.  There were a few more Windows updates completed on the physical server as well as the VMs that run the Active Directory domain so I am suspecting some pending update somewhere fixed a glitch.  Syslog shows same as yesterday, so no clues there.


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