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New Unraid Build to supplement ESXi (r610) as a Storage NAS


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I am looking to build  2u or 3u Rack Unraid Server with following in mind


1. Allow my r610 ESXi server to access the storage as an NFS mount when needed. (eg: downloading files, movies, wtc on to the unraid build directly)

2. Have roughly around 20 TB or more to future proof storage needs (Plex / Storing PSD's / Live TV dvr files, etc.)


Above is the summary but let me expand. So originally i was thinking to run the Plex server as a VM on my r610 and use the Unraid build for strictly storing movies, etc. As i have been browsing this forum i see lot of folks running plex locally on the unraid as a VM. Which one is recommended given my scenario? I'm really struggling with this since if you would recommend hosting the plex within unraid then i need to beef up my build (as i would like to have 4k 10bit support for the future) and at that point i would obviously build the server in that manner. 


R610 Specs: 


- Intel Xeon X5680 @ 3.33GHz (x2) 

- Storage 2 SSD's just for storing VM's

so as you can tell R610 is strictly just an ESXi server with no large storage in mind. 


I Plan on installing 10Gbe controllers on the R610 and the Unraid server. 


Unraid build in mind so far

(if plex needs to be ran locally)


- E3-1245 V6 (4K 10-bit HEVC support)

- a Super micro or Asus server motherboard

- 16 bay case -any suggessions? (maybe even larger)

- drives - thinking use 8TB Easystore or similar. 

- 1-2 SSD's for caching/plex 

and the rest is still up in the air depending on your suggestions.



so onto suggesttions

- to plex locally on unraid or not?

- based on that what motherboard/case/cpu would you reccomend? 




Thanks for all your help everyone. Love how much everyone contributes here.









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