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Windows 10 KVM Unable to Create 64 Bit Virtualbox VM


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This is a case of Nested virtualization. I have the following hardware


CPU 3039k

64GB Ram

Asus x79 Sabertooth


On Unraid 6.3.5 I was able to run Virtualbox inside a KVM machine. It worked could choose to create a 32 or 64 bit virtualbox machine.


I'm now on Unraid 6.5.1 and I needed to create and test a Virtualbox machine and right now, it can only create 32 bit machines. It can't create 64 bit machines like before. 


I have a Ryzen Unraid 1800x, Asus Crosshair VI Hero. It also has Unraid 6.5.1 and I'm able to create 32 and 64 bit machines on that hardware. 


This would be an issue that can be fixed by going into the machine BIOS and enable virtualization but this is an unusual case. 


Can any else confirm? Is there a reason for my Intel CPU can't run nested VM inside KVM?


Any assistance would help. 



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