Can I forward USB devices to a VM?

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1 hour ago, Dennusb said:



Very interested in unRAID, next to the storage part I want to run a VM on there that runs home-assistant. So I need to use my Zwave USB stick in that VM. Is it possible to forward a USB device to a VM?

Yes you can forward USB devices to a VM.


Some people forward a complete USB host controller for maximum functionality, but in most situatuations it will work well to just forward individual devices.

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I run home assistant in a docker with my USB stick passed to it No need for a VM. My stick is a z-wave/zigbee one so I pass 2 devices to it.

In the docker configuration I set up two devices ttyUSB0 = /dev/ttyUSB0 and ttyUSB1 =  /dev/ttyUSB1. In HA I have the usb_paths setup to the passed through devices. 


So far it runs awesome. 

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