deleted vdisk, anyway to recover?


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Hi, i was just cleaning up my vms and i deleted a second windows10 machine in which i was using the USB3 option from unraid.

unfortunately i deleted it WITH the vdisk, and the vdisk i was using was my main win10 vdisk (ofcourse without an backup, im dumb).


i havent done anything yet, is there an option to recover it?

my vdisk was on my btrfs formatted ssd (only got one).



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I am not by any means an expert at unraid or data recovery -- only replying because nobody has.  If somebody more experienced comes along you should probably listen to them instead of me!


If you're comfortable with the shell, you could try this script:


Note: I haven't tried it and am no expert.


General data recovery rules (which you already seem familiar with, but just to reiterate): stop using (writing to) the device that the file was deleted from, and make sure to not try to recover to that device.


For this script in particular, you'll also need to make sure the drive is unmounted.  Stopping the array is probably the simplest way to do it (though technically you risk things being written during the stopping process)

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