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Unraid / NonUnraid - "dual boot" machine related question / project

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i have just few question about Unraid, where im not sure, i tested it a while 1 year ago, it was good enough for me, but im thing about use it with my main rig.


  1. If im not wrong i can boot Unraid just through Grub optimally? So i can have "normal" no virtualized machine with Unraid boot option and some Unraid and not Unraid disks. Im i right?
  2. How physical Windows / Linux / MacOS handle Unraid discs? If im not wrong there are crypted. But there are seen as unformated, or crypted, unknow system, or etc.. I only care, if there are not some stupid error message about it, that i have to do something with them.
  3. Its possible to somehow share virtual disk between unraid machines - which are not executed at same time?
  4. Its possible to somehow share virtual disk between unraid machines, which are executed at same time?
  5. Need i multiple keyboards are mice for desktop migrated to Unraid server (with Unraid boot option)? To working with admin console and individual Unraid machines?
  6. Its keyboard hot plug / remove Unraid feature or has to have support on OS level some Unraid /Qemu special drivers etc?
  7. Could i access to unraid virtual disc from physical machine normal OS? I would like to share data on some disk for unraid / no unraid 
    boots and seamlessly contiue with my work. 
  8. Can i somehow connect classic non unraid disk / parttion to Unraid machine? I need FAT32/NFTS/EXT4/HFS from classic OSes installed by just standart desktop system on same physical machine?
  9. Can i share some para-virtualized GPU in 2 paralely started machines as in Wmware workstation?
  10. Its MS-DOS sound working within Unraid? If yes can be sound card emulated or i need passthrough of real DOS PCI sound card?
  11. Backuping - on physical machine - im backup all Linux partitions from Windows - because of lack realtime backuping tools on Linux -
    i mean something like Acronis True image, R-Drive, Paragon etc? How to setup backup Unraid linux partition


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