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building NVMe SSD only home NAS (replacement to qnap tvs-882st3) - hints?

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Hi guys,


I need your advices on building a home device to replace QNAP TVS-882ST3 that would outperform it for my tasks (similar to 1QD 4K random read).


Current setup:
- QNAP TVS-882ST3 i7 16GB
- 8 x 2TB Samsung 860 Pro SATA SSDs
- iMac Pro connected via Thunderbolt 3
- PC connected via 10GE


The bottleneck in the existing solution is the low IOPS/speed of a single SATA drive at 1QD 4K RR.


NVMe SSD performance on 1QD 4K RR is nearly x10 in both IOPS and MB/s in comparison to SATA SSD.


Thus I'm looking into building my own custom replacement that would be:

- at max tower sized (to aesthetically fit into a home office under the desk or on desk)

- quiet (not an aircraft take off dB level of noise of rack servers)
- ability to contain 8+ NVMe SSDs (1-2TB each)
- ability to connect via 10GE (and, if possible, Thunderbolt 3)


The primary working desktop (iMac Pro) is nearly silent.

Old PC is ~35 dB.

QNAP is ~15 dB.


Mostly it needed for high perfomance storage, but extra pluses would be if the system would be able to run VMs with access to high IOPS:

- max RAM

- up to 2-4 video cards

- fast CPU(s)


15-30k$ budget would be OK, but savvy options are fine too.


What are your thoughts/advices?


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