[SOLVED] starting unMENU - unable to resolve "tower" PLBURLF04 error

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I installed unMenu per the google code site, (btw, very good instructions).  I attempted to access my server through




In return I get:


This is PLBURLF04  (inside my browser).


I've tried Chrome and IE. I've removed and re-installed unMenu @13:51), I've run the command "kill all" and restarted unmenu.  I also ran ps -ef commands to verify it is running.


I've attached a syslog (you will probably see my re-installation of unMenu)


EDIT:  I tried from another laptop and it works...




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Thanks Joe!

more troubleshooting found that -


... goes to the unMenu page. IIRC, I saw a post about modifying the hosts file that will make the "association" between "tower" and



Edit: Found the "hosts" reference.  Still no dice, but I think I'm closer.



Edit2: It WORKS! 8)

Thanks for the posts in that thread

Here is what I did:

1.  Edit lmhosts.sam file and add this line <press TAB key>  tower


2.   Go to Network Connections->, TCP/IP properties/advanced/WINS tab.

Enable LMHOSTS lookup

Enable Netbios


Voila...it works.  

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