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vdisk (qcow2+virtio) behaves strangely, corrupted Recycle Bin, no access to random folder!

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My Main Vdisk works fine and has a size of 120G(SSD) for Windows 10. My secondary Vdisk(700G) is on my Array. There are all my programs and my games on it. Because I wanna a save place, where I can put all the apps and move it to another VM, if it fails. Considering that Network share doesn't work as well and iSCSI isn't integraded, I choosed a second Vdisk, Now there appear things like Windows report: "corrupted Recycle Bin. can't delete it" no access to the uplay folder, it is corrupted, size 0kb.


But if I switch to another win10 vm there are no problems but it's a seabios + i440 maschine and the boot takes 4min. I've reinstalled Windows 10 on a OVMF+i440 maschine and same problems. What is the problem? Why I have no access as admin? There was a problem like that in the past. My first try was with a vmshare and after some stuff happens and with a new vm I couldn't access the steam lib..

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