A reliable backup solution with GUI /CA backup, restore or Duplicati

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Hi guys. 
I’m finally ready to take the leap and move from DSM Synology DS1515+ to Unraid😁
I need your help to find a good app/plugin/docker to back up my entire Unraid server (around 8 TB in total). It's all the usual stuff in three backup session:

1-The flash drive
2-My cache (with appdata)
3-All my data (this is the most important stuff)

I’m planing to backup monthly to two external usb3 drives, a 8 Tb and a 4TB and move them offsite.

I come from Hyper Back on DSM and I’d prefer to keep away from terminal lines. 
So far CA backup / restore and Duplicati looks good.

Do you have any advise or recommendations on one or the other of these to solutions?

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Hi @TomEand @notoryous!
I'm sorry I haven't replied but here it comes:

I played around with my Unraid server in 2019 but the only good solution to make a complete backup back then was Duplicati. I wasn't easy to understand but I had a GUI.
I didn't get the backup to run perfectly and the speed was very slow when copying to a USB3 harddrive. 

In the end I closed down my Unraid server and returned to the Synology system. I've been running a DS918+ since 2019 and upgraded to a Ds220+ as a main NAS for plex, Unifi docker, 3 cameras with Synology Surveillance System and files server for 4 macbooks and a Mac mini. I've created automated backup to a DS215+ and everything is running great.


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