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[US] FS Antec 1200 + Cages

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I've got an Antec 1200, with 2 iStar 5-in-3 Drive Chassis installed. There is room for 2 more in the case that I never expanded to. The motherboard has 6 SATA and I've got a SAS to SATA card with 4 of the 8 expansions used to cover the 10 drives for the cages. That leaves 4 SATA cables still available, although you would have to install internally or add another drive cage.


The system was pulled working, but I want to be clear I haven't tested it in a while. I'd sell the whole thing together cables and all or I'll pull out the guts and ship just the case and drive cages if you prefer. Price is the same, consider the motherboard, power, cables, extra nic, etc as a bonus. They should work, but I don't want to charge for them in case there's an issue. The only difference will be shipping. I last used with Unraid 5 I believe, but all of the hardware was supported then I would be surprised if it regressed.


I'd like $300 for the whole thing, plus shipping.


Shipping ranges from $40 to $90 via USPS ground and I would ship FedEx or UPS as well. Box is 45 pounds, dimensions are 35x23x12 inches coming from zip code 35758. If you happen to be in the south east (Huntsville, AL area) pickup would be fine as well. Sorry I'm not shipping outside the US.


I'll accept paypal, google pay, or cash if doing a local pickup.








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