Hotel like TV system?


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The question might be phrased badly, but here goes.   I recently moved into a place where there are no cables and I'm not allowed to lay anything that would ruin the ascetic.....


Problem: I want to put two of my rooms on Airbnb with a TV option, however I don't want to drill and run cable for the tv.  


Additional info:  I have Plex running on Unraid and I have a zgemma satellite receiver for live tv.  However I don't necessarily want to give this to a tenant / lodger because I don't want to share my movie collection.  (also, it's only a single tuner so I won't be able to share.)


Next step:  Buy a dual lnb ZGEMMA so I can get 2 signals.


Question / Problem:  What is the best option to stream the ZGEMMA's to the 2 remaining TV's?  What is the best smart tv player / receiver?  Should I run it via Plex (I can setup multiple dvr's,) but how do I only let them receive the live tv/dvr option?

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3 minutes ago, wit3k said:

Enigna2 reciver with lnb Sat connect can be a host to another e2 reciver without lnb conected from lan connection. So, when you buy reciver with dual lnb, you can one od that lnb „give” to another. 

Oh interesting!  Ok, so effectively I'd need to buy one with dual LNB which will be installed at the dish point and then that will feed to the 2 single LNB systems in the different rooms?

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In Your case Yes. But I will suggest first change Your converter on dish to "unifiable II" standard, and buy reciver with lnb FBC sat module like Vu+ uno 4k. 

On that converter with Olly one cable from dish, You can connect up to 32 recivers, or up to 8 signal to one reciver:)


If You don't want to buy anything, You can create new user on Plex, and give no acces to Your movie. You can give acces only to channels.

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