E5-2670v1 VS 2x E5-2620v1

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Hi all, Yes, old hardware but thats what I have access to currently. 


so my question is, I currently have a Z820 running a single E5-2670v1 (20MB cache, 2.6Ghz Base) with 24GB RAM, I can upgrade that to  32GB RAM and let it be, or I can downgrade the processor to the E5-2620v1 (15MB cache, 2.0Ghz base) with  a max of 56GB RAM at the moment.  The 2620 has 6 cores while the 2670 has 8 cores.  Both can multi thread.  Hoping to get my hands on a P2000 down the line but currently not sure.  Also hoping to get another 2670 but its not assured right now.


Whats the best option?  I currently have a win2k12 VM running CoH server (personal use, not open to public) and Sonarr, Radarr, Plex, PiHole, NZBGet, Deluge, Hydra2, Jackett and if I find anything else of interest I'll probably try them out.  



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