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Log of my first Build - Old i7 4770 for a NAS and a light photoshop VM

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As time pass by, i'm getting used to the ideia that i am no longer the tech nerd i once was. Just last week i could't pay a bill via my bank app, and as i furiously got to my Manager, she just said "have you allowed the app to use the camera on android?" and at that moment i felt like a good 96 year old boomer, but i digress.


The thing is, today i run a small architecture office and properly managing files from the 2 years that we're running its getting pretty tricky, so i decided to turn one of our old desktops into a NAS with the ability to set a VM for light photoshop and autocad work. As economy colapses here in Brazil, this will be a very tight budget build, hence, i'm here to log my build and ask for assistence to the community once i figure out how much i'll be screwing it up. The PC configuration righ now it is:

Core i7 4770

16gb DDR3

Motherboard ASUS h97-plus

Samsung EVO SSD 240gb

500W power suply.

The parts i got to complete this build:

3x Ironwolf NAS HDD 4tb

AMD 6670 graphics card (got it for free)

Last year was a pretty itense year here in the office, and the total data production here including all the media was around 1.5tb, so i'm hoping that setting one hd for parity we can get at least 4 years of run time before adding more storage. The cpu is a hyper threaded 4 cores, so i'm hopping to set 2 cores for the NAS and 2 for the VM, we use each pc local drives for ongoing work, and would be using the NAS just for plain storage, so i'm hoping the 2 cores will be able to take care of that.

The two things that worry me the most are:
1 - this is a basic motherboard, i don't know if it will bottleneck at some moment.

2 - Graphics card is turning 10 years old, i got it just to output video for the VM, since the processes we will run on that are mainly cpu-heavy.

Once the drives get delivered i'll start the build and log the aftermath, but if anyone can spot any possible hardware incompatibilities that i'm unaware of i'll be glad to hear it!

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