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Unraid & recycled consumer parts

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Having just built a new gaming rig, I wanted to use my old hardware (i5-4690K/16GB/Z97 Asus Maximus VII Impact) to build a single Unraid server to take over the duties of several machines that I have cluttering up the house running on ancient hardware from 15-20 years ago! Use case scenario would be a file server for documents and @ 70TB of media, PLEX server, running sonnar and torrent, and run a VM or two for light desktop use. I've searched the forums, but looking for advice which would be more relevant for 2020.

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Most people start out using upcycled computer parts. My recently retired WHS2011 server has a mainboard from 2009 but was upgraded to a 3Ghz quad core Athlon during it's life. The only reason I didn't try unraid on it was 4GB DDR2 and mostly PCI slots was a bit limitting. 


I do have a Xeon 1225 V3 currently but that's really equivalent to an I5 3550 in performance so a generation early than your CPU. Runs plex fine, mostly directly play but I dont have any 4k material to stream. I have Sonarr , Radarr, etc and some light gaming servers. System and I do have a couple of VM's I can spin up.


There is no downside to using the current gear as long as there are no existing  faults. If you decide to upgrade later you can swap the mainboards, CPU and Ram and Unraid will spin up in the new config without complaint as long as it's mainstream hardware. 


I wouldn't try to overclock though, and personally wouldn't run the ram at XMP settings. What I want from my server is stability, more than a few % extra performance.





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