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Trying to create a Platform for 2 gamers

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Hey guys hope all is well with the community. 

I am trying to use a Ryzen setup for gaming here is what I have so far.


AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 1920X Processor

ASUS ROG Strix X399-E Gaming sTR4 AMD X399 EATX AMD Motherboard


Going to use 2 5500XT cards and another card to setup the unraid server I want to be sure that I could do this and run this well

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The TR and X399 generally work quite well for gaming (I currently  have a Zenith Extreme and a 2950x).  GPU passthrough is easy enough, but there -may- be reset issues with your AMD cards.  I think I came across a post talking about using a custom kernel with a patch that addressed this problem.  You don't necessarily need another video card as once you have everything set up you can stub the video card in slot 1 and your server is still functional although you'll need to connect to it through another computer.  With another video card chances are one of your 5500XT cards will be in a x8 slot which technically doesn't matter.  No recent Asus x399 motherboard allows you to pick the primary GPU slot so it defaults to slot 1 and there goes your main x16 slot.  With my 2950x I can run three gaming VMs extremely well (two connected to monitors and one is used for streaming but is still connected to one of the other monitors).



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