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Unraid UI/Docker Freezing

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Hi all,


I'm having a bit of an odd issue with my server. It has been fairly stable for about 14 months, but I've had an issue since Unraid 6.8. The server seems to be grinding to a halt randomly. I typically notice an issue when new web resources stop loading on my other devices as I'm running a PiHole container on the server. Upon trying to access the Web UI, different things have happened.


1st, 2nd, and 3rd time) Web UI loaded, normal CPU utilization, but the Docker containers were stopped and would not restart. Restarting the server fixed the issue.


4th time) This was yesterday. Upon loading the web UI I could see that 14/32 cores were pegged at 100% utilization. I checked in the Docker tab and all containers were at 0% CPU utilization except for one which was at 3%.

I tried:

  • Stopping all containers and they wouldn't stop. The status wheel kept on spinning then eventually went away but the containers never stopped. 
  • I tried stopping the array and it wouldn't stop. The stop button greyed out for a but became active again after a short while. 
  • I then clicked restart in the header and the server said it was going down, but the actual server didn't shut down.
  • After about 30 minutes of waiting, I held the power button to hard restart the server.

Upon coming back up, I was able to start the array and everything was working again.


5th time) Last night the containers stopped to do a backup and never started back up. When I woke to no internet (PiHole DNS container) this morning, I checked and the containers were all stopped. I was able to manually start all of the containers with no issues.


I enabled sys logging to a share on the cache drive after this happened for the 3rd time. I'll attach the sys log and diagnostic report. There appear to be a fair amount of kernel panics in the syslog.


Thanks for the help!

syslog- hoth-diagnostics-20200325-1106.zip

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