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I was looking into some type of game server panel for managing multiple game servers and was able to find but I am not able to find any way to install it into unraid. I did find several entries on dockerhub, but was not able to make it work. I was wondering if this (or something similar, maybe is something that could be made to work similarly to CA where it could just be a tab on the main unraid interface and it could manage many game servers that ran in docker containers (which is just what it does) without having to create an entire VM to run this one program? Or if there was a better way to be able to manage several game servers in unraid from one place that wasn't just the 'docker' tab?


After some more research, I also found some generic linux install instructions for AMP here and wasn't sure if they could be integrated into a plugin or if they could be made to install on server start as a bit of a hack similar to the way pulseway works on unraid?


Also an issue with pterodactyl I found was that it must be provisioned resources for individual game servers when the servers start, similar to a VM, so if the server isn't doing anything, you could have resources being tied up without being used that could be used for the rest of the server, which defeats one of the purposes of using docker.

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