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Setup Questions and Backup confusion

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Hey people,


So I am so close to getting my first build ready, only one HDD is missing. I‘ve read that the installation is a very crucial part, with some regretting the setup choices they made with their builds. So I need your help and love to hear from your suggestions.



I only want to store personal data (documents & photos) on my Nas. It should act as a BACKUP only! What I really want is is safety of my data and owning them. I also have extra rigs available and a location to setup an offshore backup too, data safety is highest priority. Or what is the industry standard? I've heard people raging about duplicati... how do you backup?


I would occasionally turn on the NAS to load up pictures and videos maybe every two weeks but might in distant future use it to stream movies off it, rarely though.

Other times I‘d love to access the pictures from all mobile devices in my home (LAN only) primarily from my Windows PC, iPad and iPhone.

The last use case would be for it to act as a digital library for hundreds of PDFs to be accessible from home, like science papers or music scores.

Most of the times, it‘ll be shutdown though. I anticipate about 1TB of growth per year with 3 TB to start, so I will upgrade in 4TB increments up to 6 drives with one parity drive. The max. of 20TB will surely suffice till 2030 and until then I will be in a different financial position to find a successor if needed. (I’m a student, 20 years old)

Is there any doubt on Unraid not being the best way to go for my needs?

Lastly I want my NAS to just work, I'm good with hardware but terribly bad with software. 


Thank you


Upcoming NAS Hardware:

Intel 5300U (yeah, using a NUC!)


up to 6 SATA Ports, 1x 4TB Parity and 1x 4TB to start with. Adding 4TBs as I go, at max every two years

Unraid basic license incoming.

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