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Mostly for Plex streaming, and I have an Nvidia GRID M60 to install so I can also use VMs for some remote Steam gaming, but I'm happy with it!  Sorry, didn't know where else to post this, and seems no one else really seems to understand what this means so wanted to share here :)






Definitely overkill, but I wanted to plan ahead and have this last for at least 7+ years.  I'm toying with adding another 16TB Seagate Exos drive, but for now it will hold up.  Currently doing an rsync from my main system before I transfer the license, which is why the HD temps are a bit higher than normal usage.  Will take a few days as my 'old' server (but still current server) is running off of a mix of USB2/3 drives and internal storage.  The USB drives used to be my backup targets, but I was running out of space 2 years ago.  I know, horrible, horrible setup, but hey, had to do what I had to do!


I plan on installing the Nvidia-friendly UnRAID build after I transfer the license so I can utilize one of the GRID GPUs for Plex encoding, and plan on passing the 2nd GPU on the GRID card to a VM for gaming.


Anyway, no real point to this post, just wanted to share.


The only thing I would suggest to the dev team is to dynamically generate root's SSH keys on a 'firstboot' based on /dev/random or time epoch or something that is unique to each key generation.  I was honestly quite surprised that I could passwordlessly SSH between boxes as root without any security checks, and it's not like those private keys are exactly a secret under /root/.ssh.  Maybe that's by design.

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