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unRAID v5 or 32bit compatible SUPPORT

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Is anyone still working with v5 and/or plugins?

I am dying to run a 32-bit compatible version of unRAID - have PLENTY of hardware to use (dual Athlon and dual Xeon platforms) THAT ARE 32-BIT.

BUT, I'm not finding ANY support for the platform.  Got an archived version of 5.0.6 - not that it does a lot of good without plugins or apps.

Have tried to get a WebGUI and GitHub still lists Bergware/Dynamix 32-bit plugins, NONE of which are available for download; termed "Obsolete".

Certainly not obsolete if people are still working on 32-bit platforms... But, UNAVAILABLE?

Even found a list of all the v5 plugins "available" (https://wiki.unraid.net/UnRAID5_Plugins) - NONE of which seem to actually be available for download.

(Doesn't make much sense if someone went to the trouble of coding it in the first place.)

I've found myself pretty much relegated to either running a 32-bit compatible unRAID or having no way to store additional files.

Tom had presented the idea at one point of having a "32bit non-PAE version" available for all releases, but I guess that didn't happen...

Would be great to run the current software on a 32-bit platform instead of the old v5, but that presents another problem - the need for 32-bit apps that although they have [already] been coded, don't seem to be available. 

And, I don't even need all the bells and whistles that are currently available for v6 - already have those on a 64-bit platform that is MAXED-OUT.

Just need mass storage of files in a secure environment as offered by unRAID, a WebGUI to manage the array, and network access to the files.

Can anyone help with this?




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