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Hi All,


Total newbie here to unraid, but i have been testing it on my current rig and have found it works perfectly for what me and my better half want.


We have quite a small office, but are both Gamers so having one PC with 2 VM's for gaming would be perfect for us, as well as a small internal plex server.


To that end, ive been working on a new build for us, its using some of the latest gear so appreciate the advice might be a bit 50/50 but id be interested for everyone to take a look over and fire me any feedback -

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As unraid is built on a version of the linux kernal that lags the bleeding edge (for stability reasons), it's unlikely that the new hardward will have proper support at launch. You're also likely to run into memory bandwidth limits with the 16core Ryzen and a pair of 6800's which will limit the gaming performance.

Ryzen is already impacted by memory speeds below 3600, you will have less than half of that.

That case is pretty big once you get it into a small office.


If I needed something for gaming / business use then I would build a pair of discrete small form factor units with 6/8 core Ryzen and a separate NAS based on Node 308 or similar tucked out of the way.


That way, if one system is down.... you're still in business.


Good luck.



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