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Application: borg-mysql-backup

Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/layr/borg-mysql-backup

Github: https://github.com/laur89/docker-borg-mysql-backup

Templates' repo: https://github.com/laur89/unraid-templates


Usage/configuration documentation in github Readme.


Note it's advisable to track the borg1 tag instead of latest; when borg releases new major version (v2), it's likely to conflict with repositories created with borg v1.


Why use this image?
It's best suited for backup needs where mysql/mariadb databases and other files-directories need to be backed up.
It also offers possibility to shut down specific docker containers for the duration of the backup to ensure data parity.
Eg with Gitea, you might want to back up both its /appdata directory and database, and switch off Gitea container for the backup.

Additionally, as it uses borg as the underlying backup tool, you can choose between number of reasonably priced offsite storage options out there supporting borg, rsync.net & borgbase being the main ones.


Before choosing this solution, please also consider other similar options out there, some of which are listed at the bottom of the Readme.
There's also this dockerised Borgmatic template:


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Example crontab entry for backing up your appdata, libvirt, quemu & /boot, while excluding some directories (note this backup doesn't involve database at all):

13 05 * * *   /backup.sh -p unraid -E '/appdata/EmbyServer/transcoding-temp,/appdata/docker-registry/registry,/appdata/gitea,/appdata/borg-mysql-backup/.borg,/appdata/mariadb/databases,/appdata/redis' -H 2rd63c32-a988-478a-b86b-6fdef8e381ab /appdata /libvirt /qemu /usb-boot

Another example backing up Gitea appdata & database, while switching off its container for the duration of backup (note /appdata/gitea dir was excluded from the other backup job above):

33 05 * * *   /backup.sh -p gitea-downtime -d gitea -c Gitea -H bee237e8-3b1a-98a2-9ca5-d752er5e42a /appdata/gitea
                                 ^              ^        ^                     ^                          ^
               borg archive prefix   db to backup  container to turn off       healthcheck ID      directory to include


More detailed examples in Readme.

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