Lga1155 Motherboard alternative options

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Hello, I have been running unraid for around a month now on a Craigslist Dell t110ii chassis. I upgraded the cpu from an i3 to a e3-1270v2 from eBay and runs great for general use. I can run plex for local transcoding as well and works fine. I currently run unraid from a nvs290 graphic card. I purchased the card in hopes of getting through bios, and then adding in a beefier graphic card to use for virtual machines and plex. I will be traveling quite a bit in the next 18 months and would like to set something up so I can exist on my home network for CAD work and some light gaming maybe.


I purchased a new atx power supply as well as a quadro m4000 on eBay as well. Testing them first on a gaming desktop I have for home use, both items work properly and are updated. 
I seem to be having a whole slew of issues with bios and just not letting me use the nvs290 (white listed from Dell for this year) and also have the m4000 with pci aux power.


so all in all, I am asking for some suggestions on a lga1155 motherboard or direction to move in so I can have unraid functioning on its own gpu, allowing me to use the m4000 for virtualization. It seems like the supermicro motherboards are a good start. I bought the tower for almost nothing, but at this point I would like to use the cpu atleast for now if there is a sub 150$ motherboard route I can go in.


Thanks in advance

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