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  • Well, that was a mistake :) 6.12.7-rc2 upgrade

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    TL:DR - I updated my server from 6.11.5 and now Docker won't recognize my eth4 VLAN (containers don't show it as an option, not showing at bottom  of network settings, but DOES still show as an option in Docker settings).  I tried deleting it and readding and it didn't help, and so I started a downgrade with the "improved" GUI, which only gives 6.12.4 instead of the prior version (6.11.5).  Now it isn't booting, FML.


    Background - Ihave 3 Unraid servers, 2 on 6.12.6 and one 11th gen Intel I've had to keep on 6.11.5 due to instability on 6.12.x.  It's macvlan for Docker and even removing the bridges from eth0 and switching to ipvlan hasn't fully fixed it in the past.  Decided to try ipvlan again today and rebooted/restarted just fine, as it has before.  Did the upgrade and game over.  Unfortunately the other 2 continuing to be good on 6.12.6 and the security updates mentioned in 6.12.7-rc2 prompted me to make a bad call.


    I don't have the diagnostics because of the way this unfolded.  Just wanted to report it.

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    Okay, so happy to report that after a hard power cycle I was able to get it to boot.  I was surprised to see that despite it saying it was going to take me down only to 6.12.4 it did in fact restore me to 6.11.5. 


    The bad news is since it updated my CA plugin it now won't load it because I'm not on 6.12.x, but I was able to paste the URL in for the 9.30.2023 version to get it back.


    Anyone got ideas oon how to work my way out of whatever the heck happened to my networks and Docker configs during the upgrade?  I just tried going to 6.12.6 first and it has the same problem.  I'm guessing, as I've attempted this before, that if I leave it macvlan and do the upgrade it would work, then maybe I can try to switch to ipvlan, but the whole thing smacks of some sort of issue with the migration script.

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    UPDATE - Nope, switching to macvlan to do the update still results in Unraid acting like that eth4.40 interface isn't there.  I'm sure if I turned bridging on the interface it would show up, but I didn't have to do that before so....

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