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  • 6.12.4 - Nvidia 1050Ti - 'partial' passthrough in Windows 10 VM

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    I recently upgraded from 6.9.2 (I know. I should be more on the ball)


    My windows 10 VM which was working perfectly with two monitors in 6.9.2, will now only use a single monitor. OpenSuse Tumbleweed is not affected - it uses 2 monitors with no issue.


    I have ensured the Nvidia sound device is passed through on the same bus with multifunction='on'.


    If I install the latest Nvidia drivers when in Windows, I can then use both monitors until I reboot the VM. Then there is a long delay, the VM appears to shut down and restart. Then the system finally comes back up on a single monitor.


    Using the Nvidia control panel to attempt to activate the second monitor gives the message "This GPU only supports 1  monitor". I can activate it, but I then lose the display on the first monitor. Reinstalling the driver gives me two monitors once more until the next reboot. If I regress to 6.9.2, the Windows 10 VM will use 2 monitors again with no issue


    Device Manager shows the graphics card to be working with no errors both before and after reinstallation of the graphic driver.


    I tried creating a new windows 11 VM and this shows exactly the same behaviour.


    As stated, this only appears to be an issue with Windows.  OpenSuse Tumbleweed works perfectly.


    I've attached my diagnostic files.


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    An update - I have found a work-around for my admittedly very specific scenario.


    It centres around the HDMI port. Both my monitors are older Dell models and only have VGA, DVI and DisplayPort connections. The 1050 Ti has three outputs - DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI. Obviously I do not use the HDMI port. That is the issue in this case. I have been able to borrow a later monitor that utilises HDMI input and bingo - Win10 and 11 are back to 2 screens.


    Looks like the Windows pass-through is always expecting an active HDMI port and does not cater for just DVI and DisplayPort.


    Hope this helps anyone who might be experiencing the same issue.


    Now - new monitors or HDMI to DisplayPort converter...?


    Unsure whether to mark this as solved as I think it's still a bug?

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