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  • HP N54L server hangs on all versions beyond 6.10.3 including the latest 6.12.8

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    I have been using Unraid with my HP Proliant Microserver N54L server with no problems for a number of years.

    However I've had a problem will any software update beyond 6.10.3 and now maintaining my server at this version is no longer viable. I'm looking for a solution to my issue.

    Typical behaviour is that all works fine for a number of hours, however at some point the server just hangs meaning:

    1. power is on

    2. web console is not responding

    3. unable to ping server ip or ssh

    4. lights on the server are all showing as normal even disk activity and network.

    The only remedy to this is to hard reset it by pulling the power out.


    I have upgraded the BIOS to address issues with a limitation on SATA speed, this update has not resulted in any improvement in reliability, If I downgrade to 6.10.3 then I have none of these stability issues.


    I should also add that disk 2 on my system has failed this morning, however i dont believe this is the cause of my issues following many previous attempted upgrades.  Prior to trying the latest release 6.12.8 my server was up for several weeks.  With any upgraded version beyond 6.10.3 it will crash within 24hrs.



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    Bizarre, I saw in the logs I was getting erroneous FASTCGI messages from a little research I found out it was down to an old plugin that was installed and subsequently removed.  I have reinstalled the "Unraid Connect" plugin and that has removed that error.  I have also fixed my failed disk, looks like that problem was caused by having to pull the plug, so all my disks are online now after a disk check.  Uptime is 1day 16hrs which is the longest its ever lasted on a 6.12.8.


    I'm keeping my fingers crossed and syslog on for now, will update this post if I do have a problem in the next few days.

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    Hi, So I spoke too soon! my server crashed earlier today between 10.43 and 11.23 when I had to restart it.  I attach the syslog from today.  I been having some issues with the UPS recently with it showing 'on battery' when its not, so was trying to check the setting earlier today - so you will see these messages in the logs before 10.43.  Its now resolved as I discovered I had used the wrong output port on the UPS, I fixed this when the server crashed - UPS now showing online and green.

    Looking at the syslog, there is no indication of a crash problem before it hung.  Is there a debug level I can set to potentially catch the problem?


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    18 minutes ago, preamble said:

    Is there a debug level I can set to potentially catch the problem?

    I'm afraid not, one thing you can try is to boot the server in safe mode with all docker containers/VMs disabled, let it run as a basic NAS for a few days, if it doesn't crash start turning on the other services one by one. 

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    so, it’s now 2 days and 17hours, and it’s not crashed in safe mode with no dockers running with the array online.  So at the moment it’s looking possible like the containers may be the culprit.  i will keep it going for another few days and then see how i get on turning the containers on progressively.

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    Not yet, I’m switching on a docker every 3 days and monitoring. i will update this thread when and if I find the culprit.

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