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  1. @Frank1940 @Squid, Thank you both for your help, reseating the cables seemed to do the trick. I really appreciate it.
  2. @Frank1940 @Squid, Thank you both for your help. i will reseat the tables and run the diagnostic from the real boot instead of the safe mode. The 100. ip address is from the VPN. I will report back in a few minutes.
  3. (2) Safe mode with the GUI displayed in a client PC browser
  4. The IP Address stayed the same, i just get a page cannot be reached error, and the server cannot be pinged. No other hardware changes were made. It was just a simple case swap, while waiting for more drives to come in. Everything is running fine in safe-mode with GUI.
  5. Here are the latest diagnostic files. Thank you for your help
  6. Would it help if i shared the diagnostic files? If so should do I upload the entire zip?
  7. I changed my server case and now when i try to start up my server Unraid boots and provides me with an IP address but it is unreachable through the gui. The server will start in safe-mode with gui and all dockers run fine. I tried removing the plugins from the boot drive but it still will not boot normally. The server was running fine prior to swapping the case. Any ideas?
  8. Update button in the app is not working. (Invalid update data, update failed: ['LazyLibrarian-master-4ca7e9eb3f27d34602f72b9e7c65a29fecf03614', 'LazyLibrarian-master-7b3976281c7f8b4eb525a5fa18f0bbf8f36481b0']) It says i am 19 commits behind. Is there a better way to update?