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  1. No not so far. I've got the UPS - just need to get a cable and test it...
  2. I've been offered an APC UPS from a mate of mine, but it's a bit old and therefore only has a serial data connection: So quick question - does unRAID some with serial support already turned on? If so then I'll just need to install apcupsd and configure. If unRAID will only do USB then I'll need to pass on it. Thanks!
  3. Ooooh I've been looking for an easy way to run my own sites from here. This could be it One question though (and probably a very open one) is how secure is this if opened up to the internets via port forwarding? Is it wise, or should this be for internal use really?
  4. Just installed bonienl's modified SF. Guys I'm very impressed!
  5. Anyone got any tips for securing this so it's safe to run external sites? My unRAID box is on 24/7 so seems the ideal place to serve simple sites... If I only port forward the single port lighthttp uses then I assume the only way for an attacker to get in would be through lighthttp itself. Is it's default install not set up to be secure?
  6. Fixed my group ownership issue by editing /book/config/passwd file for the nobody user to use 99:100 instead of 99:99
  7. Ok my problem now is that the directories and files created by Couchpotato have group 'nogroup'. I need it to create files with group 'users' I think....
  8. Is 2.2 just 2.1 with different rights?
  9. I've just been doing this in the past: # Install SAB dependencies echo "Install SAB dependencies..." installpkg /mnt/wd1/root/packages/SABnzbdDependencies-2.1-i486-unRAID.tgz echo "Starting SABnzbd..." python /mnt/wd1/root/SABnzbd/ -d -s Can I follow your instructions without rebooting?
  10. hmm had some errors about permissions on python, so added +x to /usr/bin/python. Then permission errors on, so chowned all the SAB files to nobody:users now getting root@Tower:/mnt/wd1/root/SABnzbd# su nobody -c "python /mnt/wd1/root/SABnzbd/ -d -s" 'import site' failed; use -v for traceback Traceback (most recent call last): File "/mnt/wd1/root/SABnzbd/", line 24, in <module> import logging.handlers ImportError: No module named handlers So I guess I don't have permissions to access certain python libraries or something?
  11. Legend! Will have a play around with this tonight
  12. OK since upgrading to 5beta and running the permissions script all my files are owned by nobody/users. However my apps like Sickbeard, SABnzbd etc run as root, and downloads moved to my user shares have ownership root/root, making them inaccessible over AFP on my mac mini. Do I have to keep running the permissions script regularly, or have people found other ways to set the ownership correctly after copying? Obviously I'd like it to be automatic. Thanks!
  13. We had to use the first port on the Promise RAID controller. For some reason that seems to be picked up first. So far so good! Thanks for the advice