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  1. Hello. Windows runs without problems. But anytime I want to install LInux (DEbian, Ubuntu, CEntOS etc.) the VNC runs only for few seconds and crashes. Tried even with external VNC connection but it is the same. Changed VNC port - still the same. Tried more combination in VM settings (BIOS, video driver) Please any help?
  2. Hmm is there any chance to get data back? May this happen even with VM?
  3. Hello, I lost all my data created in Docker (is reseted to original state) after I change extra params to --hostname name.domain (and docker restarted itself). I did many Docker restart before without problem. Are all my data lost or is there any chance to get it back? I think it has to do something with appdata? I have Use cache (for new files/directories): set to "prefer". Could you help please?
  4. @ken-ji thank you for help. --hostname name.domain in extra params really runs. BUT all my ispconfig settings are lost now. Seems like docker reset itself to the original state. It nevere happened before aven I did multiple restarts. Now everything is lost. Is there a chance to get it back and prevent this in the future?
  5. So as you can see no one is able to help even to people asking YEARS ago as you can see on that Google search link I posted.... so where are the skilled members? Where are developers? Is it just a lie that Unraid is "multiOS". Because it is not. And as I wrote this is a problem of many people, it is not my case only...
  6. @trurl NO, nothing regarding my problem.... as usually @testdasi Do you see? As I said. Blah blah blah... no help. I will take yellow shirt with hearts next time...
  7. Anyway, yu can read this topic. Blah, blah...and no help. Still the same "Try another VM. Many people use it (don´t know anybode but I´m sure). Try Docker...."
  8. I´m just little bit tired. Unraid latest and 6 previous versions. Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS etc. etc. JUST NOTHING WORKS BECAUSE KVM ALWAYS CRASHES. Tried all possible combination of setting. Nothing. I asked here under different nickname more than a year ago. No usable answers. And from Unraid developers? Silence.
  9. This is not about support. This is about what they write on the first result of Google search: Unraid OS | Multi-OS and VM ready‎ so I await that Unraid will be able to run common Linux distribution in VM. Nothing more nothing less. Yes maybe many people use it...maybe many people have aliens at home...maybe, maybe.
  10. Right now on Google Adwords: "Unraid OS | Multi-OS and VM ready‎" hahahahahaaaa https://www.google.com/search?q=can't+install+linux+on+unraid+site:forums.unraid.net&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjK3fHmwbPoAhUTURUIHdJmBesQrQIoBDAAegQIBxAR&biw=1366&bih=657
  11. Anyway still really sad. Paid product and more than a year without answers for real questions how to use LInux in VM. Seems like Linux is minor OS for Unraid creators - haha. I´m totally pissed off that I must care about 3 servers with Unraid. Real pain in the ass.
  12. OK and how should I know it?
  13. I have paid for unraid. Could please anyone give me an answer why it is impossible to use VM with LInux? Why it crashes anytime during installation? (KVM problem). It is paid product without support? I asked few times without answer how to install LInux in VM and I´m not alone. There i sno solution in here. This is only VM I know which has this problem. So I have to use Docker for ISP but I must define FQDN. Is it possible to edit Docker file in Unraid to get this? https://github.com/moby/moby/issues/29100 Really don´t know why is someone still deleting this question? Do you want to cover that Unraid is useless for Linux? Maybe you should tell it before someone pay...
  14. Hello, may I ask here or it will be deleted again without notice by some stupid?
  15. Please could you help me? I needed to instal ISPCONFIG 3 but I can´t run Linux VM on my unraid. Only windows. Tried many times but Linux just won´t install. It is the problem with KVM. It crashed while installing Linux everytime. So I used Docker for ISPCONFIG. The one from here: https://hub.docker.com/r/anthony9981/ispconfig/ But I need to set FQDN which means I need to set hostname inside Docker. But how please? I should edit some starting script as described here: https://github.com/moby/moby/issues/29100 but don´t know if it is possible in Unraid. If I edit hostname inside Docker (linux) I of course lost this setting efter restart. Thank you for help.