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  1. good morning , A few days ago I connected a screen to the unraid server, and my surprise was to find this error on the boot screen Could it be related to the nvidia plugin that I had installed a long time ago? does anyone know where to look? Thank you
  2. Casualmente en la pantalla de inicio encontre un error en la pantalla de arranque del servidor. Puede ser causa uno del otro?
  3. Good morning, thanks for answering. I wasn't sure if it was a bug. For this reason I write a thread in the community forum, to be able to solve it if it is an error
  4. Good morning people, today after performing a htop to my server I find an error like this as soon as I start the unraid docker service without even starting any docker var/run/docker/containerd/containerd.toml--log level error Can someone tell me what the solution is?
  5. Buenos dias gente hoy tras realizar un htop a mi servidor me encuentro con un error como este nada mas arrancar el servicio docker de unraid sin ni siquiera arrancar ningun docker var/run/docker/containerd/containerd.toml--log level error Alguien sabe decirme cuales es la solucion?
  6. Hello I apologize for my English since I am with the google translator. A few days ago I noticed on my server unraid a high consumption of cpu with iowait of 85%. I am investigating but I cannot find the cause, Can someone guide me ??? I have noticed as a result of moving an image of a virtual machine with windows server 2016 to another disk of the server.