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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I would second Scoopsy13 to snapshot the bios in your particular card and edit as per Spaceinvaders instructions. He also has a video on how to download a program available on Tech Powerup’s website to snapshot your bios and edit it to remove header info. Further note that if you edit the form view of the VM the XML will revert back to default and you will have to make all the changes again. Good luck. Since I have got mine working it has been rock solid even through a number of windows updates and upgrades, flawless.
  2. Further to my post above a clarification, please check the Bus/Slot combo in the edited version and make sure nothing else is occupying that Bus/Slot combo. I did not check it when I did the edit. In other words you cannot have two "cards" inserted into the same Bus/Slot combo in the VM.
  3. I have been working to get my ASUS GTX-1050Ti working for several weeks.It has been an extremely frustrating experience, always a black screen after starting the VM. To note, I did get the VM to sucessfully boot using Windows 10 using VNC as the video driver. Updated windows and enabled Remote Desktop in Windows. This was to ensure I could get to the VM if when I passed through the GTX 1050 I got a black screen. So under VNC graphics everything was working correctly. I tested Remote Desktop and could get to the VM no problem. After all that was working OK I passed through my GTX 1050Ti video