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  1. Answering my own question here 😃 I found this Zenith II block diagram, courtesy of the Anandtech review. Not sure how I didn't find that before. Here we can see, that the DIMM.2 are indeed wired form the chipset, and the M2_1 and M2_2 slots are the only ones connected directly to the CPU. Anyone can decide themselves how "bad" that is for their use case.
  2. Thanks for this very detailed info regarding USB ports and the IOMMU groups. The Zenith II and Aorus Master were the two boards I considered as well, so this information is spot on for my needs. I pulled the trigger on the Zenith II due to integrated 10G and better USB options before finding this thread, just waiting for the CPU to arrive (probably tomorrow). Just one quick question I cannot seem to find an answer to: The Zenith II has the Asus "DIMM.2" connector on board, which supports two PCIE4 x4 M.2 drives. I was under the impression that those were connected directly to the CPU, which would make it 3 dedicated M.2 slots (M2_1 + 2x DIMM.2) plus two "other" slots (M2_2 sharing with PCIE_X16_4 and M2_3 probably connected to the chipset?). Maybe you can tell me if that is correct. Or is the DIMM.2 also routed through the chipset?