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  1. I've been using Unraid for years and early on, I did a lot of searching for command and limitations to get it to work back in the version 3-4 days. That seems to be gone now. What I like the most? Unraid is one of the most flawless OS I've ever had the pleasure of using. Adding drives, replacing drives, adding docker instances, getting the information I need out of it, it just works. The same server has sat in various closets over the years, the OS has updated, but it ultimately hasn't had to change. I no longer have to search around trying to get this and that to work. Its just worked. It came time to expand my drives over black Friday and I overthought the entire process. Trying to copy files from one drive to another drive. Turned out none of that was necessary. You just remove one drive, put in the other, and like magic Unraid rebuilds the data from a single parity drive. Forget how easy and hassle free that statement is. The amount of safety and peace-of-mind I now have about the whole server is immense. I always thought it's RAID function sounded like magic, but once you see that magic actually work, you become a believer. I fully believe my data is safe and now I cant shut up about it to my coworkers. What would I like to see in the next year? Maybe for some of the third party stuff to become first party. There's a lot of little things out there, probably more than I'm aware of, that you can add to Unraid's list of plugins that add functionality and customization that maybe should be there already by default. I understand having an OS install be as bare as possible. There's a lot of Dynamix, Unassigned Devices, and CA plugins that I've added that feel like they just add some of the customization and visibility that should already be there. Unraid is slowly becoming less of an "Advanced" OS and more of an "Anyone can use" OS. Version 6 has made huge strides towards ease of use. You still have to be a little "in the know" to install a few of these to add things the server needs. I trust Unraid so much now, but I still feel like I have a lot of plugins made by the community, which has the potential of being hit or miss. Thanks Unraid for making me feel like my license purchase all those years ago was perfectly validated and never wasted.