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  1. A few months ago, I installed a 2.5GB network card into my server but later I found out later that 6.8.3 does not support my card yet. So after I removed the card, I noticed problems with my nextcloud setup and etc.. Basically all my Dockers can not hit the wan and I get an error of "Download of appfeed failed" in community applications. I don't care about my dockers, I'm more interested in getting my system stable again. Does anybody have an idea how to fix this? or is my best option is to do the starting over thing. The only thing I care about is my storage data on the box. I'm w
  2. Thanks for the reply and I will look into the backplane jumper option. I have 3 Arctic F12 PWM fans installed and I need more airflow. Question, will I noticed a big difference moving from a Arctic (1350 RPM) to a Noctua (3000 RPM) fan?
  3. So, I need some suggestions on cooling my hard drives and moving air thru out my case. The RM424 comes with 3 SuperRed fans (12V 1.60A). Due to the amperage, I can’t connect the fans directly to my motherboard. I found a fan controller that supports 3 amps per channel, but I will need PWM extension cables so I can connect the fans to the controller. From my limited research, it looks like PWM extension cables only support 1A. This can not be true, right? If I can get the SuperRed fans running, I’m not going to be running them full tilt as it will be extremely loud. However, I do ne
  4. So I'm looking at getting a server case with a 12GB expander backplane. I have a question about what type of hba card that can run the backplane. I currently have two LSI 9210-8i card in my system right now. Can I use a SFF-8087 to SFF-8643 cable to run the hard drives on the expander backplane? If not, does anybody have a suggestion on a hba card that has 8643 ports? I have been looking at LSI 9340-8i, and LSI 9300-8i. Any help will be appreciated.
  5. Looks like multiple people are having the same problem. At this point, maybe we should just post all info into the bug thread. After I installed 6.8.1, I did cat the file /etc/rc.d/rc.m and found no command on line 164. Somebody suggested on another post to rename network-rules.cfg to something else, but I don't think this will fix the problem due to the modprobe error.
  6. @ semperfio6 and exico What hardware do you have in the system? Other than my motherboard and CPU, I have a LSI 9210-8i and a Inateck PCI-E to USB 3.0 expansion card.
  7. I also got this same error message after upgrading from 6.8.0 to 6.8.1 Did the rename of network-rules.cfg fix the problem?
  8. The bios update didn't solve the problem. So now it's just a waiting game for Unraid to release a new kernel?
  9. Ok, I'm still getting the error messages regardless if I boot into safe mode or not. I have rebooting my system multiple times and sometimes I will get the error message. Its sporadic. My system was 100% stable under version 6.8.0. Do I need to submit a bug report? My hardware is a Threadripper 2920x and a X399 Taichi Also, I got the same results using a new thumb drive and attempting to run a trial version of 3.8.1 apollo-diagnostics-20200116-1343.zip
  10. Ok, I did that and still got the same error messages. Also, this time I was able to boot the machine into safe mode with no plugins.
  11. Ok, I'm not sure if I understand the instructions. So I got my system back up and running under 6.8.0 and made a backup of my usb thumb drive via Unraid flash backup. Whats the next part? Do I format my current usb thump drive and use the Unraid usb flash creator to install 6.8.1? If so, then how do I restore my 6.8.0 backup onto the 6.8.1 thumb drive? Just for testing, I got another thumb drive and used the flash creator to install 6.8.1, and it booted. I guess that's a good sign.
  12. After I updated Unriad from 6.8.0 to 6.8.1, my system hangs during boot up. I'm getting an error of /etc/rc.d/rc.m: line 164: 2262 Killed and worker [2263] '/devices/virtual/pps/pps1' killed Does anybody have an idea how to fix this issue? I had no problems with version 6.8.0 Any help will be appreciated.