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  1. +1 for this too. Would save me running an Unraid VM within Unraid
  2. Hi, Having issues provisioning an SSL certificate, if DNS rebinding is enabled I get an instant response advising DNS rebinding needs to be disabled. If I do turn off DNS rebinding it takes 30-40 seconds before I get the same response. I built an Unraid server for my brother several days ago on the same network and was able to provision a certificate, also never had a problem my I first built my Unraid server, it's my second array which is having the issue. I now have 2 Unraid USB's for separate arrays within the same machine, I just swap USB sticks depending on which array I want to access. I want to keep the arrays separate and not run a 2nd array via a VM. Does trying to use the same machine with 2 separate USB sticks cause the issue when trying to generate a certificate? I've tried now with 2 separate routers, one running Openwrt and the other tomato, both provisioned with rebinding disabled and any other feature which can cause this to fail. Apart from the IP address and server name all settings between the 2 arrays are the same. It's likely something obvious but after 2 days I can't see the woods for the trees Hope you can help. thanks, Simon