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  1. Hi guys, I was wondering if someone can please point me in the right direction. Im currently running unRAID Server Plus version: 5.0-rc16c. Well out of date and am unsure of how to upgrade to the latest and greatest. If there is a idiots proof guide id appreciate it, otherwise itll be a case of buying a load of hard drives, backing up onto the new ones, rebuilding fresh on the old ones and then upgrading the drives.... Any and all help appreciated!
  2. Good afternoon all, I am sure there is plenty of information out there I could just do with a little nudge in the right direction. As you can see I havent updated my unraid for a long long time and was wondering what the best route to go about this would be, incremental updates??? Or is there an option to go right to the latest and greatest? Any and all help greatly appreciated Alex
  3. Evening guys, I have purchased a lisense for unraid as I was nearly out of space running 3 disks. it was very simple Parity Movies Series No biggie really easy. Now I have gone to 5 disks, basically: Parity Movies1 Movies2 Series1 Series2 I then have the movies share use disks 2 and 3 with series share using 4 and 5, however I just want to check something about split levels. At the moment the file structure for series is as follows Series (share) The big bang theory Season1 Would it be best to keep the entire program or the entire series on the same disk? I am using 2x2tb drives and at the moment have one that is completely free. Am I right in thinking that to keep the program on one disk I would use split level 1 and too keep the season I would use split level 2? Many thanks Alex
  4. Ah brilliant, many thanks Email sent
  5. Hi there, I recently ordered server plus (5/10/13) but have not received an email, I have only just seen the request to add limetech as a trusted member through outlook/hotmail is it possible to get my email re-sent or can I provide another address to get it delivered too? Many thanks Alex/DiCe!
  6. Thanks both, yes I have created 3 separate shares and have set the split level accordingly. I think I will limit the TV share to a single drive as I dont have a cache drive, Thanks again.
  7. Thanks for the advice lionelhutz Really appreciate it! My final question re split levels, I am going to set up a share to record tv too, I cant imagine I will use it that much possibly 300 gig max, do you think I need a split level on it? or just create a share and let it do its thing. Many thanks!
  8. Decided to pre clear all my disks in the end, a bit of faffing about and reading later I have set the first disk off and running.
  9. Hi guys, quick question. I added a WD Red 2TB to my server without pre clearing it first and unraid (4.7) told me it needed to clean it (not preclear), thats fine so away it goes to do its thing, but it started on Tuesday evening and it is only at 29% so 3.5 days to do that, does that seem slow or do I have high expectations? Having checked the settings it looks like it is going with unaligend, does this sound correct? I am running said drive in a HP N40L Many thanks Alex
  10. Afternoon all, For the life of me I just cant get my head around split levels. It is driving me mad! I have set up the server and at the moment there is no data on it what so ever, I have 2TB of data to transfer. Once all the data is transferred I will add my current 2TB disk to the array. I currently have: Parity disk 2TB Data disk 2TB Data disk 1TB At the moment my file structure is as such: Media (root) -All Movies --Movie name folder ---Movie file -All Series --Series name folder ---Season number ----Episodes -Music --Artist ---Album Could someone point me in the right direction, as what I should set? How I should set up my shares? I have read the un-official guide and any other bit of info I can find online, I just cant wrap my head around it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Alex
  11. At the moment I have a 2TB drive full of media, I am going to build my unraid box this weekend as I am so nervous that the disk dies and I have to re rip everything. I have a 4 bay HP N40L, the disks I have available to me at the moment are 2tb - Empty 1tb - Empty 2tb - FULL And then anything from a 250-500gig My question is this, what is the best way to build the box and keep all my data? Would the best bet be to get a new 2TB hard drive, set up a parity drive, plug in new 2tb and older 1tb then transfer data from the full 2tb drive? The final question is this, Would I need to transfer all 2tb over the network? As far as I understand I cant plug the full drive into the server as well and move the data over? Thanks for the help! DiCe!/Alex
  12. Thanks guys, I have had a read over the install and wiki and somehow missed this High water is what I was after, so that answers that question, the split level is slightly different and will have a real read up at home, thanks alot!
  13. Hi all, I am very new to Servers/UNRAID, I made a topic months back but due to work/personal issues have been unable to set up the server as I would like. I am going to install unraid in a HP microserver. At the moment I have 1 2TB hard drive that is full of data. 1 x 2TB drive that is empty and 1 x 1TB drive that is empty. I am going to buy another 2TB drive so I will have 3x2TB and 1x1TB total to use to start with. The question I have is this, I install UNRAID and set up a parity drive and my other 2 drives, I then copy the data over my network to the hard drives, how does unraid split the data? How would be best to split the data? At the moment my file system is as such Media: Movies/Movie_name/Movie Series/Series_name/Episodes Music/Artist/Album/Tracks Is this the best way to have it set up? What do you guys say, I apologise if these are quite simple but I would like to check as I really am clueless when it comes to this, I have had a long read and feel UNRAID is the right choice for me and am really looking forward to finally getting set up! Thanks alot Alex/DiCe!
  14. Thanks for the advice I think I will have a play with having unRAID installed in a flash and playing with the blank 250gig, waiting till pay day and getting a 2nd 2tb drive, that will make the transfer of the htpc data effortless and wont risk me playing around while I dont know much Once again thanks, I expect to see you guys around
  15. Hello, This is my first post here and my first trip into the land of RAID/Servers/etc so please be gentle! I have got myself one of the trusty HP microservers and am going to be using it as a NAS/Media server but I have a few questions At the moment I have these disks- HTPC disks: 64gig SSD boot drive for HTPC 2tb - With all HTPC data in HTPC(1tb free) Main rig disks 1tb - Backup of HTPS data in main PC 500 gig - Used for storing videos before being placed into HTPC/Backup drive 300 gig - Can be used for storage/empty 320 gig - Laptop hard drive run through caddy - Photoshop/picture backup 250 gig - Came with server 7200rpm - empty The question I have is this: How can I build the array with these disks without losing the HTPC data? Ive racked my brains but I just end up failing to see how I can do it. Obviously Ill be using the 2tb, 1tb, 500 gig and the 300 gig at the moment to create the media server until payday when I will be upgrading the 300 gig to another 2tb. Any help would be greatly appreciated! DiCe!/Alex