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  1. Update on this: When Unraid crashes after trying to start the VM it usually changes the "Enable VMs" option to NO. I then have to go in and enable that setting again. Currently trying to work with the VFIO-PCI CFG plugin to get it to work. No luck yet.
  2. I am having an issue passing USB Controllers into a Windows 10 VM in Unraid on a Gigabyte TRX40 Auros Master with a Threadripper 3960x. The VM works great if i passthrough the built in Intel WiFi on the board, as well as the USB controller built into the 2080 Super that i have attached. I even tested connecting a USB-C drive to the GPU and it worked great. The problem is as soon as i pass one of the Motherboard USB controllers into the Windows 10 VM it crashes the whole server on VM startup. I have to power cycle it before it comes back. I have tried directly editing the XML as well as adding
  3. First post here! I have been curious about UNRaid ever since I saw Linus start playing with it (he seems to have inspired many people to try it) and I have finally decided to build my own UNRaid box. I currently have a 4 computer setup at home and want to cut that down to one chassis and 2 computers. I am starting to get my part list together and I wanted to get some input and opinions from you guys. My questions are pretty varied so input on any of them is very much appreciated! First, the basic parts list. I probably won’t be building this until later in the year but