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  1. I ran into this same issue also despite not having an encrypted btrfs cache drive, and switching to linuxserver config seems to have resolved it, I'll report back in a couple days if the issue persists. I'm not the person you asked, but plex is very flexible in this regard. I just stopped the official docker, and pointed the linuxserver one to my existing appdata folder and hit start.
  2. You're right, and I wish I saw this reply earlier, I finally figured that out 3 hours ago and forgot to check back here. I hadn't paid attention to deluge versions since 2.0 never came out ( set my previous server up 4 years ago, deluge was always up to date until I stopped checking when they stopped updating). I installed 2.0 on my windows machine and got in instantly.
  3. I am also having this issue, however I am able to access another windows machine on my network this way without an issue, so I suspect it is definitely something with the Unraid config. I've played around with switching networking to Bridge and forwarding all the ports manually, but it did not resolve the issue.