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  1. While troubleshooting, I removed the Parity and for whatever reason when I reconnected it, Disk1 tried to rewrite. I'm sure it was user error. Therefore, to my knowledge, the Parity drive is completely wiped... which sucks because Disk1, with the data, is so slow that it'd take >1 month to rebuild. Thankfully, I backed up the server's contents to a completely separate external HDD. Sounds like disk1 is trash - hopefully WD will replace it under warranty.
  2. Constructor - thanks for the swift response and willingness to help. Sorry about the misnomer... I wasn't sure how to succinctly describe that a drive (or both... or some other hardware related issue) was seemingly failing. I've attached the diagnostic. oriserver-diagnostics-20210607-2117.zip
  3. Hello, I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong section. Last week my server started to run very slowly: 1. Accessing files from two separate computers was extremely laggy and seemed to take an uncharacteristically long time. Additionally, my weekly parity-check was taking 10x times longer than normal (~2Mbs down from ~120Mbs). 2. I already tried to swap out power cables and SATA connectors. 3. I ran a SMART extended self-test in safe mode, for both Disk1 and my Parity. The Parity Completed without error. 4. Disk1 "Last SMART test result: Errors occurred - Chec